Sunday, June 12, 2016

ICYMI: Mega-edu-bloggo-reading

I have a ton of stuff for you this week. Enjoy.

Former SAT Official Blows the Whistle 

Yeah, you probably caught this story this week, but since every single person in the world should see it, I'll put it here just in case. Here's Mercedes Schneider's look at the former College Board official who is blowing the whistle on just how big a sham the new SAT is. 

High Standard

A great, simple, direct statement about what's wrong with the reading standard that some states like New York have chosen to build ELA around.

When Success Leads To Failure

In the Atlantic, Jessica Lahey (the Gift of Failure writer) talks about the negative effects of the pressure to succeed.

Equality of Opportunity

You may or may not agree with this piece, but you'll be better for figuring out why you do or don't. A hard look at why equality of opportunity may not be a good idea for anybody.

When the Neighborhood Gentrifies and the School Doesn't

From Slate and Jessica Huseman, a look at what happened in one gentrified Portland neighborhood that pushed out the residents, but left the school.

Only 2% of Teachers Are Black and Male: Here's How We Might Fix That

One of the largest problems in education today-- a teaching pool that is mostly white and female. Here's what they're doing in Pittsburgh to try to address that issue.

Mr. Lemov Meet Madeline Hunter and Many Others Who Discovered the Same Things and Gave Credit Where Credit Was Due

Well, the title doesn't leave much to wonder about. If you are tired of Mr. Teach Like a Champion, here's a great explanation of why you are right to be annoyed.

The Horror of Charter School Finance

One more explanation of how charter schools are gutting public education

Third Way in Education Not the Answer

One more writer figures out that the Third Way is just the same old way-- the way private interests try to raid the piles of money tied up in public ed

Choosing a School for my Daughter in a Segregated City

You probably saw this already-- folks on all sides of the ed debates were passing it around this week. Brings some of the issues in education right down to the human level.

CPS Newly Posted Job Executive Director of Personalized Learning Comes with a Dire Warning

Looks like Chicago is next to jump on the personalized- competency based education bandwagon. That's terrible news for Chicago.


  1. Thanks, Peter. Much food for thought, especially about integration and equality.

  2. I don't think I agree with the definition of "equality of opportunity" that the author is working with. It doesn't mean that every kid should be raised exactly the same so they all have the same opportunities. It means that whatever direction any given individual chooses to pursue (or whatever parents choose to pursue on their children's behalf) should be equally available. Equality of opportunity means that girls can take shop and go into union trades if they want and that blacks and whites should have equal opportunities for both athletics and academics. It means that we don't stereotype or track kids. We allow everyone to pursue their own interests and talents, not that we socially engineer the world so that everyone has the exact same starting point.