Sunday, June 5, 2016

ICYMI: June Is Busting Out

Here's edu-reading to kick off your June.

How Five Lost Minutes Altered Our Class Culture

A look how even a small shift in how time is used can have a huge impact on the classroom.

Boston To Protesting Students: You're Not Worth It

Jennifer Berkshire takes a look at how Boston reacted, or didn't, to student protests about massive budget cuts.

The Assault on Public Education in North Carolina

Valerie Strauss runs a piece from Stuart Egan that provides a one-stop collection of all the ways North Carolina's citizen-hating legislature has worked to dismantle public education.

Failing the Test

Capital and Main runs a series of pieces looking at the charter industry. This will take you a while to work through, but it's worth it.

Chester Uplands: Exhibit A for Broken Charter Law

The most effed-up funding mess in Pennsylvania, highlighting everything that is so deeply wrong with how we handle charter schools in this state.

English Teacher Re-Titles Classic Poems as Clickbait

One more shot fired in the battle to make classic lit appealing in the internet era. Fun times.

The LA Times Editorial a Distraction

This week the LA Times was apparently hit on the head and ran an editorial critical of the charter industry. Nancy Bailey reminds us of all the reasons we shouldn't get too excited.

Trump University Shows Why For Profit Motives Don't Belong in Education

Probably the only useful thing there is to learn from Trump U-- just how bad naked marketeering looks in education.

Oklahoma's Teacher Shortage: Not Just Salaries

Oklahoma is 49th in teacher salaries, and working hard to drop that lost spot. They started the year with 1,000 unfilled teaching jobs and handed out 1,000 emergency certificates to, well, anybody with a pulse. This is the first of a three-part series considering some real ways to address their shortage. Lessons for everybody here.

Third Way or the Highway

Jennifer Berkshire went to the latest Massachusetts education profiteer confab. What she found there.

What I Hope To Tell My Kids about Muhammad Ali

Jose Vilson reflects on what to tell his students about the death of one of America's great-- and imperfect-- athletes.

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