Apparently tenure is destined to be the next big front in the battle to save public education in this country. From the Vergara trial in California to Campbell Brown serving as a hood ornament for the next lawsuit in New York, we get to hear the same unfounded, unsubstantiated arguments over and over again. So I've collected links all of my various pieces about tenure (and the attack thereon). As always, feel free to share, pass on, and otherwise use these to argue and inform.

Without Tenure... It's not the firing; it's the threatening.

Pushback from the Little People In her appearance on the Colbert Report, Campbell Brown is bothered that people dare to disagree.
Teachers Should Be Paid Less Jason Richwine says now that we have removed the "barrier" of tenure, we can start paying teachers the wages they ought to get-- tiny ones.
How Much Money Is Tenure Worth? An economist argues that tenure is worth cash, and therefor teachers should be willing to trade it for a bonus.
Campbell Brown Can't Connect the Dots Brown tries to straighten out critics of her lawsuit.

Tenure: Private vs. Public Why tenure makes more sense for teachers than private sector employees
To Tim Elmore: Here's What You're Missing Response to another anti-tenure argument
Did NYC Tenure Changes Chase Away Weaker Teachers NYC already changed tenure rules. How'd that turn out?
GOP and Dems United in Disdain for Teachers In which prominent Democrats join Campbell Brwon team for free.

The Hole in the Teacher Bucket  Why are we losing teachers? Not because of tenure or FILO.
Talking about Tenure and Trust What conversation about tenure could we actually be having?
TNTP & The Unreal Lessons of Vergara Despite reformster words to contrary, these are not the lessons to learn from Vergara
Yes, Virginia, There Are Bad Teachers A response for the "so you don't think there are any bad teachers" crowd.
How To Get Great Teachers This is what the anti-tenure crowd claims they want to do. Here's the way to make it happen.

What To Do About Bad Teachers Hint: not try to fire them all.
PA Joins Assault on Teachers The Pennsylvania attempt to kill job protections
NC to Teachers: F@#! Off North Carolina takes more steps to kill teaching as a profession
How To Do Real Teacher Evaluation Tenure destruction always rests on the idea that we can do real teacher eval. We can't, but here's my positive proposal for how it could work.

Tenure and Dead Wood If your organization has a bunch of dead wood, how did that happen, exactly?
Parents and Tenure How to talk to parents about tenure.
Five Myths about Tenure and FILO
Why Teacher Merit Pay Is Stupid No, merit pay wouldn't be a good substitute for tenure

That Damn Tenure People in other jobs don't have tenure. Why should teachers?
A Tragedy in Four Acts The studentsfirst ad campaign for trashing tenure in PA

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