Sunday, September 18, 2016

ICYMI: Catching up on your reading (9/18)

Money and race, money and race. Some weeks it feels as if that's all this is really all about. Remember to link and share and pass on the readings that speak to you. Everyone can amplify the voices they believe should be heard.

Will equity without adequacy be enough to help Connecticut's neediest children

Wendy Lecker looks at what is being done-- and not done-- to meet Connecticut's obligations to its children.

To Market, To Market 

Jennifer Berkshire (Edushyster) talks to Catherine DiMartino about some of the brutal realities of marketing in the education biz.

Breakdown of the Common Good

Ed Eiler writes about the threat of selling off the common good.

All Viable Solutions to Teacher Shortage Cost Money

Yet another writer reaches the not-mysterious conclusion that the teacher shortage mostly has to do with the desire to avoid spending money on education

When It Comes To Education Policy, This Is Personal

Mitch Robinson has joined the team over at Eclectablog, and that's good news for everyone.

How Gender Bias Affects Teacher Salaries

Do you suppose that teacher salaries are affected by the fact that teachers are mostly women?

Back to School 2016

Jersey Jazzman offers his back to school thoughts for this year. Made me feel better. You should read it.

Teaching the Next Generation To Spot a Con Artist

This Presidential election cycle reminds us of one of the more important aspects of education.

The Price Black Students Pay

How the no-excuses mindset hobbles young minds.

Did You Know Charter Schools "Bury Their Dead"?

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider takes a look at some recent attempts by the charter industry to regain their footing after a long, hard summer, and what these attempts reveal about the flawed thinking of charteristas.

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