Sunday, September 11, 2016

ICYMI: Catch up on your reading (9/11)

Here's some education reading for a quiet week in September. As always, please share and pass on the pieces you like. 

To the Gentlemen Talking about Lazy Teachers

This blog is operated by two former teachers, but clearly the woman still remembers how the gig works.

I Don't Want My Son To Read in Kindergarten

One more great argument in favor of letting small children be small children.

Black Teachers Matter

Yes, I already aimed readers at this piece from Mother Jones earlier in the week, but if it was still parked on your "I've got to get around to reading that" list, here's your encouragement to do that today. It's an important piece.

Devos Family Showers GOP with Money

The Detroit Press lays out the discouraging picture of how one family bought itself a state legislature

Gutting the Powers of American Cities

From Slate, a detailed picture of how pre-emption is the new technique for conservatives to take control of cities (because local control is only cool when it does what you want it to). And-- surprise-- ALEC is all over this.

A Parent's Reflections on School Letter Grades

Bill Ferriter blogs a lot about technology and technique in the classroom, but he's also a father, and he takes the occasion to reflect on his concerns about his child's very wonderful school being branded with a C.

Understanding Teach Like a Champion

This is actually an old post from Peg with Pen, but Doug Lemov's little slice of teacher baloney has come up a few times this week, and this is a pretty good look at just why I would rather teach like a human teacher.

College and Career Ready: The Manufacture of Hollow People

I'm a sucker for anyone who thinks we're teaching live human beings and not manufacturing widgets for companies to consume.

The Anti-Five Paragraph Essay Five Paragraph Essay

Well done. 

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