Sunday, September 4, 2016

ICYMI: Fall kick-off edition (9/4)

As always, if you see something that really speaks to you, share it.

Michigan Spends $1 Billion on Charter Schools But Fails To Hold Any Accountable

Well, that headline for this Detroit Free press pretty well covers it.

Schools Open, Schools Close-- Charter Schools and the Ties That Bind

From Harvard, a thoughtful consideration of the real costs of school closures

Rubric for the Rubric Concerning Students' Core Competency in Reading Things in Books and Writing About Them

McSweeney's comes through with some edujargon fun

Education Matters but Direct Anti-Poverty and Inequality Reduction Efforts Matter More

Ben Spielberg puts together some basic facts about the effects of poverty

Screens in Schools are a $60 Billion Hoax

Time magazine pulls no punches in calling the push for education computer tech a huge scam

Between the World and John Deasy

Joshua Leibner lays out the sordid, failing-ever-upward career of Deasy and his ilk

Public Schools Aren't Businesses

Or, "If businesses had to run like public schools..."

Field Tripping

First hand account of touring a charter school with clueless economists.

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  1. Enjoy the McSweeney's parody, but I have to warn your readers that they continue to solicit subscriptions to their periodicals when they haven't published in years. For example, the last quarterly came out over 3 years ago.