Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Curmudgushopping

If you want a little something for the fan of education blogging in your life (because don't we all know dozens of such people), I'm going to make a quick pitch here for Curmudgucation gear. It almost physically pains me to say "Hey, buy my stuff," but 1) helpful people keep telling me to build my brand and 2) I've got twins on the way.

Here's a book! Featuring almost 100 hand-picked blog posts from the first year or so of the blog, covering most of the usual topics. Great for someone who wants to read bloggy stuff in short burst while holding an actual book in their hands.

I am also a fan of Cafe Press. I like being able to give friends and family custom decorated stuff, and I've always found the quality to be pretty good.

Here's a nifty large mug

I actually use this duffle for the gym and short trips. Sturdy

It's a tote bag. For toting.

Snappy t-shirt. Okay, some day I'll get fancier with the design.

I can guarantee that any of these products will put you in an elite group of people who are mostly related to me.


  1. My lifelong friend (and current teacher) will soon be carting her stuff in your duffel bag. I've already given your book to just about everyone I know. Merry Christmas and congrats again (and best wishes) with the twins!

  2. Twins! Mine are 25 years old now, and I'm happy to report that many of my brain cells have regenerated. It's an exhausting, exhilarating, exciting undertaking, with all of the joys squared. Rest up now, while you can. The best to all of you!

    Christine Langhoff

  3. It's called SSP: shameless self-promotion and yes, you are allowed to indulge. As a teacher once said to me, we all have a side hustle (I write and sell books--my imprint is Grand Graffiti (see, the SSP?)) With what they pay us ...