Sunday, January 22, 2017

ICYMI: Let's Not Talk About Trump Edition (1/22)

The problem with living through big moments in history is that everybody has to talk about them constantly while they're happening. Remember when the interwebs were all about cute cat pictures? Boy, those were the days.

Meanwhile, remember to post and pass on things that speak to you.

Reading Is Knowledge

Horatio Speaks offers some words about the importance of content in reading (as opposed to the reformy idea that reading is just some free-floating skills).

How Did the Department of Defense End up in My Child's Classroom

Another good big-picture look at the continuing push to digitize student information and machine-ify education.

The Fight- Falling in Love

This week I realized that Amy Tan was not on my blogroll (that list of blogs to the right that you should be checking out) and I'm happy to correct that oversight with this great piece about how to pick up and regain focus.

Don't Raise Teacher Pay (To Be Nice)

A great rebuttal to one of my favorite bad arguments in favor of teacher pay increases.

How the Pioneers of the MOOC Got It Wrong

I did write about this piece this week, but if you missed that, read this article about how the launchers of MOOCery screwed up some pretty basic fundamentals

Little Nesting Doll

A new-to-me blog by an American mother raising four kids in Great Britain. Interesting and different perspective.

Building Bridges Beats Building Walls

Russ Walsh with some important reminders about what sort of structures best serve us all.

Democrats Reject Her But They Helped Pave the Road to Betsy DeVos

Valerie Strauss offers some perspective on why leading Democrats don't get to pretend that Betsy DeVos is a shocking departure from the proper educational path

Educational Justice in the Next Four Years

The Annenberg Institute offers a whole big series of interviews about how to approach the next four years of education with an eye on justice and equity. I found this because one of the interviewees is Jose Vilson, but there are a great thought-provoking bunch of pieces here.

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