Sunday, January 1, 2017

ICYMI: Kicking Off the Year

Let's get ready for another round. Remember to share the pieces that speak to you-- amplifying voices is the very least we can do.

The Great Unwinding of Public Education

One of the better explanations of what has happened in Detroit and how Betsy DeVos shares blame for it.

Carolina Coup and the Fight for Public Education

Jeff Bryant does a great job of connecting the dots between North Carolina's history with education and Jim Crow and the current GOP attempt at a coup.

The Attacks on Teacher Tenure Still Don't Make Sense

Mark Weber (Jersey Jazzman) has been on a roll lately. Here's the news on campbell Brown's most recent attack on teacher tenure, and why it's just as senseless as the last.

Teacher in a Strange Land 2016 Retrospective

There are plenty of "best blogs of the year" lists out there, and they are all a great chance to get a quick feel for that blogger's work. But this recap of the year from Nancy Flanagan might be my favorite.

3 Simple Ideas Every Educator Should Work on in 2017

Okay, so Peter DeWitt cheats a bit here (with sub-divisions there are more than three ideas) but it's a good list to check out and consider as we renew for the new year.

The Whole Child

Jamaal Bowman with an impassioned, articulate call to educate the whole child, even in these trying times. This is the piece to read to get yourself ready to leap back into it.

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