Sunday, January 8, 2017

ICYMI: Last Gasp Weekend Edition (1/8)

Some readings from the week. Share what speaks to you, so that it can speak to other folks.

10 New Years Resolutions for Those Taking Charge at US Department of Education

Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute is reformster through and through, and Betsy DeVos has contributed to AEI, but this still makes for an interesting list of suggestions for the new regime

We Know What Works in Teaching

I found this by way of a former student who now teaches on the college level. Here's what we do and don't know about how to teach composition. maybe we could, you know, use the working stuff and stop doing the other foolishness.

Need for Cash Puts Charter Schools in Questionable Company

A look at how the need to generate revenue is making mess out of Ohio charter schools

I Can't Answer These Questions About My Own Poems

The blogging highlight of my last couple of weeks? I got to see this before the rest of y'all because Sara Holbrook is friend of this blog. This piece has traveled far and wide, but if you haven't seen it yet, you must. This is how inarguably nuts the Big Standardized Test biz has gotten.

How To Teach a Middle School Class in 49 Easy Steps

I used to teach in middle school. This seems close to what I remember.

Garrison Keillor Is Done

Keillor has not taken the Trump election well. This piece is worth reading for the last line alone.

Ten Questions for Betsy DeVos

Fellow Pennsylvania Russ Walsh would like our Senator Casey (who serves on HELP) to ask DeVos these questions. It's nice to dream, anyway.

Good Business Models for Education

We don't talk enough about the fact that reformsters don't just want to schools to be run with business practices, but with bad disproven business practices. Here's Sam Abrams in the LA Times suggesting some better business practices to use.

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