Sunday, December 11, 2016

ICYMI: Baby, It's Cold Outside (12/11)

Some readings from the week. Remember to share, pass on, and generally amplify what you read that you believe hits the spot. 

Is Ed-Tech Research Nearing Its Big Tobacco Moment

From Gotesborg Universitet of all places, a consideration of how trustworthy ed tech is and will continue to be (or not).

What Will It Take for Pennsylvania To Really Regulate Cyber Chatrers?

Lawrence Feinberg asks the $64 question for the Keystone State-- will cybers ever be bad enough for someone in the legislature to actually put education ahead of, well, anything?

Making a Straight Cut Ditch of s Free Meandering Brook

Reading Paul Thomas always makes me feel smarter, and he had a heck of a week this week, looking particularly on the subject of credentialing and training teachers in especially uncreative and soul-crushing ways.

Measuring Proficient Teachers Codifies Bed Teaching

More Paul Thomas. Read this one, too.

Cory Booker Whiffs It

Cory Booker, rising Democrat star and devoted reformster, faces the same problem as many reformy pseudo-dems-- how to reject Trump while embracing his education policies. Booker faces his trial when it comes time to comment on the choice of DeVos as Ed Sec. Daniel katz explains how Booker blew it.

Culture Warrior Princess

Jennifer Berkshire at Edushyster connects one more DeVos dot by showing how the Michigan Marauder is not just a fan of charters, but a major player in the movement to wipe out the scourge of homosexuality.

Trying To Teach in the Age of Trump

All my faves are here this week. Here's Jose Luis Vilson as always artfully blending the personal and the global to consider how we move forward to teach in Trumplandia.

An Open Letter from Public School Teachers to Betsy DeVos

In a much-forwarded Huff Post piece, Patrick Kearney introduces himself and three million public school colleagues to DeVos.

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  1. Reading Paul Thomas makes me actually smarter, besides feeling smarter. :)