Sunday, December 4, 2016

ICYMI: As It Sinks In (12/4)

Share what speaks to you. Amplifying each other's voice is how we cut through the noise, how we make sure that what needs to be heard has a chance to be heard. Oh, and call your Senator and tell him to just say no to Betsy DeVos.

The Need To Read

An uplifting an encouraging essay about the value of reading.

Waiting for the Barbarians

Chris Hedges is, as always, really pissed off. And not very optimistic. But there are few things in this piece to think about.

A Nashville Board Member Figures out the Secret of How Charter Schools Get Rich off Public Tax Dollars

A Nashville board member writes to say... well, the title kind of gives it away.

Secret Teacher Invasion: An Invasive Alien Species Is Taking Over Education

The UK is suffering from their own version of reformsterism. Here's one assessment of the effect it's having on the teaching force.

Betsy DeVos and the Segregation of School Choice

A look at how DeVos's version of school choice is also a powerful tool for segregation in Michigan. This piece comes recommended by Nancy Flanagan, so you know it's worth your time.

Unspoken Rules of the Teachers lounge

Let's just take a little McSweeney's break in the midst of all this, shall we?

Public School Enemy Number 1

Yes, I keep saying I'll stop reading DeVos profiles, but there's a lot to know and I want to be fully informed when I call up my Senator to say, "Please do not approve this woman." Democracy Now does a great job with the topic.

The Teacher Union Vote

You've know doubt read the headlines that the teachers union skewed Trump in the election. Here's Fred Klonsky with some old-fashioned facts to put all the data in proper context.

Amy Moore Welcomes Donald Trump to the Service Profession

Reminding Herr Trump for whom he actually works now. Moore has been away from the blogging game for a bit; it's nice to have her back.

The Long Game of Betsy DeVos

Jennifer Berkshire (Edushyster) provides a well-researched piece of reporting that gives us the big picture of DeVos's big picture view of public education and the dismantling thereof.

Madeline L'engle, Creativity and Hope

If you don't subscribe to Brain Pickings, you really should. Here is a wonderful piece chock full of encouraging and beautiful L'engle quotes. Just the thing to finish today's reading with. Also, call your Senator.

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  1. I always loved Madeleine L'Engle's work. For some reason, none of my own kids likes it very much (though none of them likes reading as much as I did, and maybe I read too much!). I always thought there was a mysticism to her work that they don't seem to be partial to.