Sunday, January 1, 2023

ICYMI: Happy New Year Edition (1/1)

I'm always disinclined to get extra excited about New Years. It highlights our human tendency to just kind of make stuff up and then sit around parsing the deep meaning of the thing that we just made up, ourselves.

I can only hope that the last few years have taught us not to say, "Well, this year will surely have to be better." I'm just sad that I have to wait a day to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. In the meantime, here are some pieces to read.

Grumpy Old Teacher has some thoughts about the new hire that Arkansas just took off of Florida's hands. 

Billy Townsend breaks down the timeline for another Florida export--the felon that Texas hired to handle education stuff.

In Ohio, folks are pushing back against a crappy voucher program, and they have passed the first hurdle. Despite the Attorney General's whinging, EdChoice will go to court. Here's hoping more good news comes down the line. 

You may recall that the Supreme Court told Maine that they have to extend their voucher program to private religious schools. It's a result, in part, of some unique features of the state's education system--but Vermont has similar unique features, so they may have some issues coming at them. Peter D'Auria at VTDigger looks at the story.

New GOP-proposed bill targets preferred pronoun use in schools

In Arizona, it's time to crack down on those pronouns, because that's clearly the biggest problem facing education.

North Carolina Board of Education Chair Eric Davis has a history of bad faith on teacher merit pay

If you doubt that one person can make a difference, let me direct your attention to Justen Parmenter who has been single-handedly directing attention to the shenanigans behind North Carolina's terrible initiative to screw with teacher pay. Here's more background on that story.

Why David Brooks Is Wrong to Blame “Teachers’ Unions” for Pandemic School Closings

Diane Ravitch with a don't-miss reply to David Brooks and his attempt to goose along the story of how teachers unions shut down schools, for some reason. 

Teaching Media Literacy Includes Teaching About Racism

New Jersey is going to require schools to teach media literacy. Rann Miller explains what that ought to include.

Looking Ahead to 2023 and the Danger of Universal ESAs in Florida

Accountabaloney looks ahead at what fresh hell Florida's leaders have in mind for education in the swampland state.

2022 saw conservative gains on education issues. But they may be short-lived.

Historian and Friend of the Institute Adam Laats writes in the Washington Post about how conservative victories last year might not be all that permanent. In fact, he explains how they may have undermined their own efforts.

2022. What a Year?

Nancy Flanagan looks back at 2022, both good news and bad. 

At this week I posted an interview with the head of Nellie Mae and a look at Daniel Willingham's new book (which I liked).

And to ring in the new year, here's the only version of Auld Lang Syne you need, with strings and bagpipes (and they're all in tune).


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