Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Curmudgucation on Substack

Over the past couple of moves I've been experimenting with other social media outlets, and I've been pleased with substack. I won't be abandoning the mother ship here, but if you'd like another way to follow along, substack is now an option for not only my posts here at the institute, but notifications when I have something new at Forbes, the Progressive, or other random places. It functions pretty much like the Curmudgucation page on Facebook.

I'm aware that the email feed that I've used since Google ceased doing an RSS feed is suboptimal, and looks pretty mysterious when it lands in your email box. Substack is an alternative to that as well.

I expect to keep the substack offering free, because I don't really need the money, and I'd like to keep things easily accessible here. I'm aware of the theory that says people would value the product more if there were even an optional charge. And I pay subscriptions/patreon thingies for the work of other public ed supporters gladly, so I have no philosophical objections to such things. But I have no idea what I'd offer for an extra value proposition. 

At any rates, no plans to monetize the substack feed. If you want to support my work, just keep spreading it around. Invite me to come talk to your people. Follow some of the people I try to amplify here. (Also, I'm working on a book about teaching writing, so if you're an interested publisher, give me a holler.)

At any rate, if you're interested in another means of keeping up with my work, sign up for the substack. And thanks for reading.

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