Sunday, January 8, 2023

ICYMI: The Normal Edition (1/8)

I always liked this time of year when I was teaching. Things sort of settle in, and the classes land on what will be the baseline for the remainder of the year. Things seem a little more in focus, a little less wildly variable. It is the first time of year that I ever felt there was a normal in my classroom. 

Here's some reading from the week. Remember--you can help spread the word by sharing any pieces that strike you as important. Share them right from the original source. Every little bit helps.

The Absurd Year in Educational Censorship

I'm late with this one, but it's worth a read--PEN America compiles the lowlights from the year in attacks on the right to read. 

What the American Teacher Act Shows Us About Education Now

Jose Luis Vilson has some thoughts about the proposal for a federal minimum teacher salary, and as always, they are smart and worth your time.

“Deja Vu All Over Again”

Retired education reporter John Merrow has some thoughts about where we are, both with teacher pay and the valuing of education.

Saving Public Schools for ALL Our Children in the New Year

Nancy Bailey has some thoughts about concrete actions we can each take to help forward the cause of public education in the new year.

Ohio’s Public Schools Had a Rough 2022 and Face Bleak Legislative Prospects in 2023

If you aren't following Jan Resseger, you should be. Here's a rundown for Ohio of the best and the worst of the last year, and the prospects for the new year.

Florida’s education system is vastly underperforming

Billy Townsend has been trying to get people to hear this for years, and the Tampa Bay Times finally gave him the space. Florida's education miracle is a hoax, a mirage that vanishes as soon as you look what happens after those wonderful 4th grade scores are gained.

“What Got Us Here, Won’t Get Us There” – Florida’s 8th Grade NAEP Disaster

Accountabaloney with the follow-up to Townsend's piece. More details of the Florida not-remotely-a-miracle.

Florida Gov. DeSantis’s latest oxymoronic school spiel

Valerie Strauss pulls no punches in looking at Ron DeSantis's inauguration speech and its swipes at public education.

An AI that can "write" is feeding delusions about how smart artificial intelligence really is

Gary Smith at Salon with one of the better takes on the GPT-3 writing flap.

Andy Spears provides a full story of the last zany year of Hillsdale and Governor Lee's fractured love affair.

Here Are 5 Book Ban Trends to Watch in 2023

Jonathan Friedman of PEN America with some trends to watch for in the coming year. These are the reading restriction actions we can expect to see.

Nancy Flanagan about what leadership in a school really means, and what its absence hurts.

I didn't put anything up at Forbes this week, but my first syndicated piece hit the world. It's an explainer about education savings accounts--if you're wondering what they are and why you should care, this covers it. 

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