Sunday, February 5, 2017

ICYMI: Some Game Today Edition (2/5)

Is there some sort of sporting event going on today? I've heard rumors, and I may find it in me later to care. But in the meantime, here's some readings for the day. And remember-- there's still time to bother your senator about the upcoming DeVos vote.

American Schools are Still Segregated. These Parents Are Making It Worse.

There are some complicated issues here. This piece takes a fairly balanced look at the challenges.

Past, Future and Present

A raw and honest look at some of the personal challenges of being a teacher.

Bigger Than Sputnik

The first of two pieces proposing that the DeVos nomination is sort of good news.

I Love Betsy DeVos 

This would be the second one. I don't think this argument is wrong.

It's Not All About the Kids

It's okay to stand up for the institution and the people who work there.

Ten Reasons to Confirm Betsy DeVos

Rob Miller keeps writing pieces that I wish I'd written myself.

Pennsylvania: No Property Tax for the Rich, the Poor Still pay

In Pennsylvania we're looking at a way to get rid of property taxes for funding schools. It is not good news unless you are rich or a corporation.
Beyond Grades How Are We Doing

Russ Walsh continues his series about moving beyond traditional grades.

Masquerading as Recess

Nancy Bailey looks at the many activities proposed as ways to hide the denial of recess to children


  1. Stop thinking a Devos confirmation would be a silver lining in a dark cloud. I had the stray thought that she was so incompetent, she would be ineffective and maybe that would be a good thing. But I have realized that, while Betsy Devos is unqualified to be Ed Sec, she knows how to do one thing really well: use money to buy influence and bully her policies into reality. She only had her own money before, but if confirmed, she will have the U.S. Treasury to do what she knows best: Expect a return on her investment.

  2. Really interesting articles this week!