Sunday, March 27, 2016

ICYMI: For an Easter Afternoon

As usual, my Easter morning has been a whirlwind of uplifting activity. What to do for an unwindy afternoon except read and write about education! Here are a few useful pieces from the last week. 

Writing that Challenges the Grit Narrative

Chris Thinnes compiles an excellent list of pieces that question and challenge the current state of the Grit business.

How DFER Leaders Channel Out-of-State Dark Money in California, Colorado and Beyond 

Lisa Graves at the Center for Media and Democracy does a dynamite job of tracking both the sources of DFER's money and the connections they work to use that money to support their agenda. Creepy, but illuminating.

The Next-To-Last Stand

The Chicago Teachers Union (motto "Teacher unionism doesn't have to be a New York City style hot mess") is taking action April 1st to make elected officials take notice. Principal Troy LaRaviere has written a great letter to his parents explaining what's going on, why, why he supports it, but most especially, how the school can navigate these contentious times and still remains a respectful, functioning community.

Eva's Offensive

Yes, I know what you're thinking, but no, that means "the offensive of Eva" and not "Eva is offensive." Anyway. John Merrow may be technically retired, but he still takes his reporter chops out and runs them around the block from time to time. Here's his look at what Eva Moskowitz has been doing to fight back against critics.

Integrated Learning Systems: The New Slavery

Set the wayback machine for 1992, when Gary Stager wrote about something called an integrated learning system. You'll recognize most of the issues almost immediately, and Stager's analysis and reactions are worth a moment of your time.

Taking the Wonder out of Science Education

Emma C. Williams makes a moving and clear case for putting wonder back in science (as well as an explanation of how we lost it). Meaningful even if you are not a science teacher.

New Leaders-- The Pretend Principals

Nancy Bailey provides another important addition to the Know Your Reformsters reading list. Meet New Leaders, the TFA of principal prep. A look at the work of its head honcho, Jon Schnur, provides just one more example of how inbred the world of reformster leaders is.

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  1. Edweek reports only 8% of high school grads are "college/career ready. "
    Check it out.
    What a crock!