Monday, July 11, 2016

Some Blog News

Tomorrow morning m wife and I are going to hope in the car and start the drive from here in western PA over to Seattle, WA (where my daughter, her husband, and my grandson live). Driving across the country is one of those bucket list things, and I'm pretty excited about the whole business. We are fortunate to have teh resources and the opportunity to pull this off. The dog is staying at the kennel where he was born, the in-laws are watching the house, and the car is ready to go. And we get to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Glacier National Park.

That means I'll be Away From Keyboard for a bit. I'm not sure how that's going to work for me-- it's been a while since I went a whole 24 hours without writing anything at all. But I know it's a pain to have your routine interrupted, so I've set up automatic posts with a daily dose of dipping into the archives here (there are now over 1900 posts on this blog, and a couple of them are actually pretty good, so feel free to poke around). So there will be something newish here every day for those of you who are creatures of habit.

I also cannot recommend enough that you make use of the blogroll in the righthand column. There are so many people doing really good work out there, and they deserve your time and attention. So stay alert, keep informed, and catch your breath long enough to remember why any of it matters. Meanwhile, I'm going to go look at a bunch of the country. See you soon.


  1. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  2. Enjoy, Peter! Have a fantastic time!

  3. Enjoy and happy anniversary!

  4. Check out the Spam Museum in Minnesota, and the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD if you have the time.