Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fixing the Profession (7/14)

I am on a two-week vacation, driving cross-country with my wife to spend time with family in Seattle. In my absence, I have dug into the archives and pulled up some reruns for you. Though what I most suggest is that you check out the blogroll on the right side of the page. There are some outstanding bloggers, and if there are some folks you've never sampled, there's no day like today.

Reformsters love to think of ways to fix teaching, except that "fix" always seems to mean "get less pay and job security."

Why Teacher Merit Pay Is Stupid

Teacher merit pay is a misnomer, a delusion, a lie. Here's why.

Without Tenure...

It's not the firing-- it's the threatening.

Tenure: Private vs. Public

Why it makes sense to give teachers the job security that other professions do not have

Dead Wood and Tenure

So you want to get rid of the dead wood in your organization. Was it dead when you hired it, or did you kill it?

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