Sunday, October 8, 2017

ICYMI: Applefest Edition (10/8)

The first weekend in October is Applefest-- the major festival in my town (we take a day off from school for it). But I still have some reading for you.

Teaching: If You Aren't Dead Yet, You Aren't Doing It Well Enough

If you don't read anything else this week, read this piece from Othamr's Trombone about teaching as an act of self-sacrifice and martyrdom

Education Reform Is a Right Wing Movement

Jersey Jazzman remind us where the ed reform movement's roots really lie

Recommended Reading

A good collection of books about writing, teaching, and teaching writing.

Betsy DeVos's Vision

Jennifer Berkshire at Alternet with a widely reprinted that looks at the DeVosian long game-- what is she really up to?

Dutch Treat: Betsy DeVos and the Christian Schools Movement

Another good look at what really drives DeVos.

Fordham Institute: Teachers, Don't Get Sick

John Thompson's response to the Fordham sick days study

For Profit Schools Get State Dollars for Dropouts Who Rarely Drop In

Pro Publica has been doing some bang-up work on charter schools. Here's a at the practice taking money for ghost students.

Arts Integration Is a Sucker's Game

Jay Greene is a reformster who will sometimes call his colleagues out. Here he takes aim on STEAM

Jeanne Allen: Reactionary Right Wing

Allen and her Center for Education Reform work tirelessly to support charter schools. But now she's butt-hurt that a new documentary portrays her as a tireless supporter of charter schools.

Why Privatization Is a Disaster for any Democratic Society

Salon looks at privatization in education and other areas

Looking Behind the Curtain of School Choice Again

In Chicago, one more look at how choice really works (and how you can tell it's a sham)

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