Sunday, June 25, 2017

ICYMI: What Day Is It Now Edition (6/25)

I'm pretty sure that before this summer is over, I will miss one of these Sunday reading lists, because the three week old twins in my house exert some sort of time warping field. But today I'm on it. Here are some things to read from the past week. And remember-- if you like it, pass it on.

Um, Teacher Retention Is Not Just a DCPS Problem

Despite the fact that they are reportedly more awesome than ever, DC public schools are having some trouble holding onto staff. Go figure. A look at why schools might be having such problems.

Why Teachers Suck..

Yes, you know it's going to be the reverse, but a nice addition to the Clever Attateacher files

Is School Choice Just Expanding Privilege

That is the question. Does school choice cut into support for students who needed the most in the first place?

When a Community Loses Its Schools

Closing schools comes with a number of prices, including costs to the community at large.

Intersection of Philanthropy and Dark Money

There are many, many, many dollars being thrown behind ed reform. Exactly where are they coming from?

The Structure of Educational Reform

You'll probably disagree with a lot of this (I certainly do). But Andy Smarick remains the refomster most likely to take a thoughtful look at the tension between the goals of reform and traditional conservatism.

Charter Schools Do Bad Stuff Because They Can

Jeff Bryant gives a well-sourced overview of charter misbehavior.

Things That Principals Know About Great Teachers

Another piece cheering on the real qualities of actual teachers. At a minimum, food for thought.

White People Keep Finding New Ways To Segregate Schools

From Mother Jones, a piece that looks at ed reform through a different lens, and shows how creative white folks have been about getting their children away from black and brown students.

Newpoint Charges As Bad As We Reported

A careful look at one Florida charter scam. It's worth studying, because this model can be pulled off in many states.

ECOT Continues Tax Funded Ad Blitz Despite Layoff Announcement

Ohio's premiere cyber school is in trouble. The state wants its money back because ECOT's been lying about enrollment. ECOT is laying off hundreds of workers. But somehow they can still spend taxpayer dollars on advertising.

Putting the "i" in School

The latest Have You Heard podcast from Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider looks at personalized learning

Well-Funded Non-Profits Pave the Way to Privatization

Over at Living in Dialogue, John Thompson has been taking a look at the book The Givers, a tough look at what modern philanthropy is doing to our society.

The Fart-Free Classroom

A look at the practical reality of negotiating with 160 different persons in your classroom, every day.

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