Sunday, June 4, 2017

ICYMI: Graduation Day Edition (6/4)

Here is my neck of the woods, we're just a few hours away from high school graduation. It's definitely that time of year. Here's your assorted pieces of reading from the week. Remember to pass on the ones that speak to you. 

These Activists Want Greater Home School Monitoring

In the background, as other education debates rage, is the old set of issues surrounding homeschooling. Here's a look at activists who help the women who were homeschooled to know nothing and be quiet, because, you know, women.

Blaming and Shaming Teachers for Low-Level Tech Practices

From the vaults, Bill Ferriter with a great piece about moving beyond tech and testing and back to actual real educating.

Facts About Newark Charter Schools

Once again, Mark Weber (Jersey Jazzman) breaks down the data to get past the PR baloney and look at the truth of charter schooling.

Is the US Education System Producing a Society of Smart Fools?

In the Scientific American, a psychologist looks at what's wrong with "reformed" education in the US.

Studies That Honor Preschool Rigor Are Not To Be Trusted

About that NYT coverage of that study showing academic rigor is really swell for four year olds...

Building Better Pre-Schools

Russ Walsh on the same subject-- how should we really be prepping the littles?

A Citizen's Encounter with a Charter School

Gene Glass reports on one more specific example of how charter really work to enrich their owners and trample on parents and students.

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