Sunday, June 11, 2017

ICYMI: Baby baby edition

I'm a little behind on reading and writing this week, but on the plus side, I'm way ahead on babies. Here's some reading from the week behind us. Read and pass it on.

Some Unpopular Thoughts on Teacher Evaluation

Mitchell Robinson with some interesting thoughts about how teacher evaluation ought to work.

Linking Graduation to High Stakes Testing Was a Mistake

An op-ed in the Seattle Times makes a strong case for not making diplomas dependent on the Big Standardized Test (PA legislators please note5).

Picturing Trump As the School Choice Guy

Rick Hess has some fun imagining what might happen if Trump puts his "adroit political skills, powerful rhetorical chops, and 39% approval to work" on school choice with an imaginary Trumpian speech on the policy.

The Histories of Personalization

Audrey Watters takes a long, detailed look at the history of the school personalization movement and the many ways in which it is not what it's cracked up to be.

Nothing Abstract about the Lessons of Play

Wendy Lecker offers a great response to the NYT piece about rigorous pre-school.

New Jersey's Screwd up Charter System

Jersey Jazzman looks at why New Jersey's charter system is fundamentally flawed.

When Philanthropists Rule

John Thompson offers a thoughtful review-in-parts of the Givers, the new book about the new kinmd of philanthropists.

School Readiness Fearmongering

Is your child behind? You don't know, and you don't need to care

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