Sunday, July 31, 2022

ICYMI: Truncated Road Edition (7/31)

 Still far away from the home office, but still have a few bits that you should see this week.

How the right wing went too far for Republicans

Molly Olmstead at Slate with an analysis of why Tennessee's governor and Hillsdale College's president managed to make a mess by saying what they've said many times before.

National Parents Union’s Mythical Membership: Letter to Los Angeles Times

Maurice Cunningham writes to the LA Times to correct the record on an astro-turf parents' group.

Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider are at The Hill with good news--the MAGA attempt to commandeer school boards is not going so well.

Virginia comes up with a plan better than just handing out teacher credentials to passing strangers on the street. 

Investment in teachers is central to the health of public education

From Maine, some more sensible talk about recruiting and retaining.

Roundup July 2022: Media, Reading, and Misinformation

Paul Thomas offers a guide to some of the notable misinformation out there about education.

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