Sunday, August 7, 2022

ICYMI: August Is A Month Of Sunday Nights Edition (8/7)

The Institute staff is currently hunkered down on a lake straddling the New Hampshire/Maine border, a field office established by my grandfather, a NH general contractor, seventy-some years ago. There's not much signal here, but I can still do a little work to collect the week's readings for you.

Carnegie Medal for Dolly Parton

Let's start with something cool-- the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy went to Dolly Parton, who, as we've said before, demonstrates what real philanthropy is supposed to look like.

Pearson Plans To Sell Textbooks As NFTs

Well, this is an interesting new twist.  Especially if you're still trying to understand NFTs. But whatever is going on, it definitely involves Pearson trying to make more money. Story from the Guardian.

Laptops are still spying on students

From Wired, more news about how the surveillance state has not slowed down, and students are still at risk.

Epic founders pour money into politics

You've heard that the founders of Epic charters have been charged with all sorts of shenanigans. This piece from NonDoc details how much of the stolen taxpayer money was used to grease some politicians.

Georgia professor shoots and kills incoming freshman

Yes, arming teachers is an awesome idea. The indispensable Mercedes Schneider has one more story of guns gone wrong.

How the Green Bay Packers helped Justice Alito explain religious liberty law

Deseret looks at a recent Alito speech and its implications re: his general disinterest in the separation of church and state.

Memo regarding new state teacher qualifications

Brittany Fonte at McSweeney's with a darkly hilarious take on Florida's new non-requirements for teaching certifications.

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