Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Blog Bulletin

The staff of the institute will be on the road for the next several weeks, visiting a couple of the field offices. We will, in fact, be driving cross-country with the board of directors. In a car. While other family keep an eye on the homestead, we will rendezvous with Pacific Northwest crew somewhere around Portland, OR. The we will drive home, in a car. The we will catch our breath and head to the Down East field office, not quite near Portland, ME. 

All of which means that I will be away from the office for a while and posting here will be sparse and sporadic. In the interim, I recommend you check out the many fine writers on the list to the right or, if you like, wander through the back catalog here. Or just go outside and catch some fireflies. I have heard that taking a break to breathe deep can be good for you. 

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