Sunday, July 24, 2022

ICYMI: Road Trip Edition (7/24)

 I've been driving across the country this week, but I still have time to read. Here's some goodies from the week.

Kentucky Teacher of the Year Speaks to Congress and Resigns

This is hard to read, but what a sign of the times. The indispensable Mercedes Schneider is on the story.

At We Are Teachers, a breakdown of the new kind of "activist" parent some schools are facing.

After two decades of studying voucher programs, I’m now firmly opposed to them

At Hechinger Report, a researcher explains how he concluded that vouchers are a bad idea.

Moms for Liberty: "Joyful Warriors" in the fight to demolish public school

Kathryn Joyce at Salon has been covering the christianist nationalist school busters like a boss (you should be following her on Twitter), and she went to the Moms For Liberty convention, God bless her.

From Seacoast Online, another mainstream story about why some teachers are getting out. 

Jennifer Berkshire writing for The Forum both dissects the Rufo-style assaults on pub lic schools and diagnoses why the Democrats are so damn useless on the issue.

Pennsylvania is upping its tax credit scholarship program while continuing to let that program operate in the dark. 

Pennsylvania has a plan for stemming the teacher exodus. Steven Singer has some questions.

As that whole deal turns radioactive, it's a good time to read this Andy Spears piece that explains what the whole deal is about.

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  1. Willie Carver's (the Kentucky teacher of the year) speech is incredibly powerful.