Sunday, July 17, 2022

ICYMI: Packing Edition (7/17)

The staff here at the institute will be traveling soon to visit some of our field offices. That will be an adventure, no doubt, but as we prep for that adventure, here is your reading list for the week. Remember--if there's something here you like, share the post from its original site. You, too, van be an amplifier.

"Critical race theory" is being weaponized. What's the fuss about?

From the Economist, here's one of the better pieces I've read for providing a level-headed summary of what the fuss is, in fact, all about.

The supreme court has ushered in a new era of religious school

Adam Laats, historian of school-related religious culture warfare, has another great explainer up, this time at The Atlantic. Now that the church state wall is in shambles, he says the country is not ready for what comes next.

The supreme court is unraveling the separation of church and state

Shelly Balik is a history professor; at the Washington Posr, she offers up a history of that much-hammered wall.

The book ban movement has a chilling new tactic: harassing teachers on social media

Tanya Basu in the MIT Technology Review. This is scary stuff. 

The world of high dose tutoring has become a land grab

In Edsurge, Daniel Mollenkamp notes that now that there's big money in tutoring, some of the folks getting involved aren't offering anything actually useful or proven. I know--what a shock!

Students need teachers NOT tutors! Who's pushing tutors and why.

Nancy Bailey has more about the rise of tutoring as a "solution" in teaching.

John White now sells Eureka math

John White was once education chief in Louisiana. Now he's one more salesman hawking questionable edu-wares. The indispensable Mercedes Schneider has the full story. 

We don't need no education

Warm body laws make an appearance in Arizona, and Kathryn Joyce is at Salon with the story of the latest move in the nation's most public education-hating state.

Florida's civic education and religion

At The74, Florida Phoenix takes a look at allegations that Ron DeSantis is trying to put the Jesus back in Florida civics education.

College Board no longer disclosing AP test results by ethnicity, state

What to do when your own data shows a bias in your test? Maybe stop publishing the data. K-12 Dive has the story. 

Community Schools: What are they and how do they work

"Community Schools" are defined roughly six trillion different ways. Teen Vogue takes a look at the way they ought to work.

The state took children from their parents--then failed to give them a real education

A heartbreaking failure of the system. These foster kids in Michigan thought they were gaining credits towards graduation. Turns out they were wrong. NBC News. 

The New York Times visits Croydon, NH

The NYT sent Dan Barry to cover the story of the small town where a libertarian tried to get the school budget cut in half. Includes some details not brought up in previous coverage of the story.

School funding lawsuits

Rachel Cohen anchors this look at the long difficult lawsuits filed to get school funding up to par with a look at the lawsuit currently winding up in Pennsylvania. At Vox. 

Nation's overthinkers convene to determine what that's supposed to mean

A little Onion to cleanse the palate. 

This week at Forbes, I took a look at the new grant rules for charter schools and looked at what happened to the Lemon Test for determining if the church-state wall has been breached.

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