Sunday, July 10, 2022

ICYMI: Matinee Edition (7/10)

I'm delighted to be once again in a pit orchestra, this time for a local production of Something Rotten. There is a special adventure in playing for a show, where the music is in a variety of impossible keys and things come at you quickly. It's good mental exercise, but I will never get used to Sunday matinees. But that's where I am today. Here's this week's reading list.

The new anti-LGBTQ laws are going into effect and as Patrick Wall reports for Chalkbeat, folks are scared. Florida really is the worst.

Thanks to some local media, the story a school district being overrun by cranky right wingers is growing. Here's an example from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

And here's PBS coverage of a Pennsylvania example. Read these for a better understanding of how this stuff happens.

Shockingly, some of these activists are motivated by reasons other than their deep concern for the children.

Maurice Cunningham in the Tampa Bay Times, just ahead of M4L's big time convention, with some answers. 

Elliot Mincberg writing for The Hill. Another lawyer who smells something funny in recent SCOTUS decisions. 

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider is a woman strong in her own Christian faith who's pretty sure that Christian Nationalism isn't.

From Salon. Not strictly about education, but expect me to spend the next several months reminding Pennsylvanians that Mastriano would be a disastrous choice for governor.

AZCentral makes the unsurprising discovery that the state's voucher program is mostly enriching the already rich. 

As Florida teachers get trained in their new Hillsdale-produced alternate history of the US, word is leaking out. The Miami Herald has some great coverage--behind a paywall. But here's a good look from Schools Matter.

Washington Post has coverage of the latest failure of a guy who is a spectacular serial failer in the education world (and yet people keep bankrolling him). 

Jose Luis Vilson goes back to his old school and it results in this moving post. Good way to finish the week.

Over at Forbes this week I wrote about Idaho's crazy pants Any Warm Body law for charter teachers, and Secretary Cardona's declaration in favor of better paths to teaching (and why that's the wrong thing to emphasize).

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