Sunday, May 12, 2019

ICYMI: Do You Feel Appreciated Now Edition (5/12)

So, teachers, did this week do it for you? Here are some pieces to read while you bask in the warm glow.

A Bridge Too Far

Wow. Florida Senator Tom Lee (R) is a long time supporter of charters, but during this last round of legislative baloney he stood up to say "enough." Accountabaloney reports some of his speech and it is rough and honest and nobody paid attention, but you should.

Firing Day At A Charter School  

What's it like to teach at a charter? This former charter teacher talks about the ritual of firing day.

Teachers Are the Classroom Experts

Steven Singer on the absence of teacher voices in education coverage.

Teacher Appreciation and Fair Pay

Jan Resseger on what would really make for a good TAW.

How NOT To Evaluate Education Policy

Jersey Jazzman once again provides the invaluable service of explaining clearly why a talking point is baloney. Here he takes on the "four times more likely to attend a successful school" PR.

Who Do I Appreciate? Music Teachers. 

I can't disagree with Nancy Flanagan here.

Florida Teachers: Arming Us Is Most Dangerous Decision Ever

And dumb.

Cyber Charters Aren't Free  

Susan Spicka speaks up for Pennsylvania taxpayers and students    

Thoughts About Reading from a Classroom Veteran

Fewer tests. More reading for pleasure. And stop buying programs. A Florida teacher speaks up.

If Education Advocacy Were More Like Pharmaceutical Ads

Yes, it's the reformy Robert Pondiscio. Read it anyway.

Success Academy Being Sued For Violating Student Privacy 

It's a fairly gobsmacking violation, too. But you know how it is-- rules are for little people.

FBI Investigating Tennessee Voucher Vote 

There was a lot of horse trading done to get the necessary votes. Apparently actually bribing legislators is bad.

Can Choice Save Public Schools Revised 

Well, this is kind of interesting. Deborah Meier looks at her own evolution on the subject of choice.

Policies Harmful for Children of Color 

Wendy Lecker looks at some misguided policies in education reform, including the rise of the school resource officer.

Louisiana's Voucher Program Featured As Failure

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider looks at LA vouchers, recently held up as failures (spoiler alert: they are)

5 DeVos Puzzlers

Valerie Strauss looks at some of the striking things DeVos did-- and didn't-- say at EWA gathering.

Why The Tests Must Be Kept Secret 

Continuing to pursue the mystery of why the Big Standardized Test must be kept shrouded in secrecy.

Knewton Is Gone

John Warner looks at the passing of the big data giant, and we shouldn't throw a party just yet.

Rebranding My Mom

Not an education story, but a great little essay for Mom's Day. What happens when your mom loses her job?      

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  1. Teacher appreciation week: the one time of year where the public pretends to respect teachers.