Sunday, April 8, 2018

ICYMI: Endless Winter Edition (4/8)

It's normal to have one last snow storm after Easter, then move on to spring. Apparently that's not what we're doing this year.

At any rate, here's a short batch of items to read from last week. Remember-- if you like it, amplify it by tweeting, sharing and otherwise pushing the voices you value out into the world.

A School Board Member Says Let's Call the State's Bluff 

A notoriously contentious Florida school board members says he's tired of the state's destruction of local school board power; if they want to turn around local schools, let them come in and do the dirty work themselves.

Identifying Effective Teacher Preparation Programs Using VAMS Does Not Work

God bless researchers who take the time and trouble to prove what any twelve-year-old can see what is true-- that using student test scores to evaluate the place where their teachers went to college is a fool's game. VAMboozled has the details.

What A Great Teacher Is Worth

Actually, a slightly different list of what qualities a great teacher must have.

Response to One More Teacher's-Havbe-It-Easy Letter

A NC teacher-of-the-year responds to that same old baloney about how teachers only work 180 days and get summers off, so stop complaining.

Black Student Punishment

We have the data; either black students are collectively more poorly behaved than white ones, or there's some systematic racism going on in school discipline work. (Spoiler alert: it's not that first one).

Okalhoma Governor's Obnoxious Quote

I may have paraphrased a bit. Of all the stupid things politicians have said in reaction to the teacher strikes going on, the "car" thing from Oklahoma's governor is right up there.

The Data Boyz

Another invaluable Have You Heard podcast looking at the rise of the Data Boys in education, and how their ideas of what can and should be measured have made a mess for the rest of us.

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