Sunday, April 1, 2018

ICYMI: Happy Easter Edition (4/1)

I can't bring myself to do any April Fooling. There are already too many lies in the world; giving life to some more "just for fun" seems wrong. So here are some Not Fake pieces from this week.

Race Not Just Poverty Shapes Who Graduates in America

If you've suspected that it's not simply socio-economic status that explains all our various gaps, then you will want to read this.

Slow Learners in the Age of Hyperlearning

Nancy Bailey sticks up for the slow learners of the world.

What Happened to the Wonder of Learning

Psychology Today takes yet another look at how primary education is off the rails

I Tried To Befriend Nikolas Cruz

A Parkland student speaks up with a powerful refuting of the Walk Up Not Out movement

Testing Corporations Rake in Cash While Teachers Sell Plasma To Survive

Stephen Singer did some research about the company that manages testing in Pennsylvania. Turns out it's a pretty lucrative place to work.


Nancy Flanagan on preneurship.

Who Survives Success

How many students actually make it through Success Academies? Not very many.

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