Sunday, November 5, 2017

ICYMI: Daylight Savings Edition (11/5)

Yes, this is up late. That extra hour screwed me all up. But I would still make it a point to read these offerings and pass along the ones you're most inspired by.

Betsy DeVos doesn't understand how markets really work

There are many things wrong with the DeVosian ideal or free market driven education, but one of the problems is that she doesn't have the "how markets work" piece correct. Here's a good explainer of hat she doesn't understand about the invisible hand.

School Choice in Rural America

Jenny Robinson looks at the particular style of destruction the school choice programs wreak on rural communities

Dark Money pours into school board races  

A look at just how bad the movement to buy local school boards has become, at The Answer Sheet

Protecting children's right to childhood

Nobody speaks up for the rights of littles like Teacher Tom.

A brilliant way to teach children 

An early childhood expert finds a great model-- just not in the US

I'm 10 and I want girls to raise their hands 

A young girl and the Girl Scouts take steps to empower young women

The Mis-education of Eva Moskowitz 

Great profile of NYC's top charter queen

What happened to big data?

Slate looks at the decline of big data, including its failure in education.

Siezing the civic education moment 

Civics education is needed now more than ever. How do we make it happen?

Aint That a Shame 

Russ Walsh and the problem of shame as pedagogy

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