Sunday, April 2, 2017

ICYMI: April Is No Fool Edition (4/2)

Keep reading. Keep sharing. I keep meeting people who say things like, "Boy, I wish I could blog about this stuff, but I just don't have the time/confidence/typing skills/etc." But you can take the things that you read and which make sense to you, and you can pass them on. Share what should be shared. Spread the word. We can all do that. Here's just some of what was worth sharing this week.

The Pahara Institute Proliferation of Corporate Ed Reformers

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider peels back some layers on yet another gathering-place of well-heeled corporate ed reformers. Some great research here and some disturbing new information.

Private Practice

Jennifer Berkshire interviews Ken Zeichner about how the attempts to break teacher preparation programs fit into the goals of the privatization movement.

Nashville's Charter School Industry Unraveling

Nashville has been out in front of the charter biz for a while. Now it's all starting to fall apart.

What the Public Doesn't Know About High Performing Charter Schools in Arizona

Carol Burris takes another guest spot at The Answer Sheet to show one more example of how a supposedly high quality charter chaoin can turn out to be a big fat scam.

Madame Secretary, May I Offer You A Screwdriver?

Mike Petrilli provides a compendium of Betsy DeVos's tone-deaf missteps, including a few I'd missed, and suggests that she broaden her view a bit.

The Disadvantages of Competitive Learning

Nancy Flanagan makes a compelling case for keeping competition out of the classroom.

Who Moved My Teachers

Patrick Caldwell at Mother Jones looks at how Scott Walker's successful war against the teachers of Wisconsin has gutted their school system


If you only read one piece on the list... Audrey Watters takes a good hard look at the Uber-education analogy that's suddenly a reformster fave. Here's where it falls apart and where it's view on the dangers facing public ed.

Defending Public Education From Trump

Russ Walsh with some education-related thoughts about the resistance.

Betsy DeVos's Mom's Teaching Career

Mercedes Schneider has been on a roll this week. Here's a well-researched piece on exactly what DeVos's teaching career actually was. Follow it up with Schneider's piece on what happened to the school where Mom taught

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  1. Thanks, Peter! Interesting assortment. I really loved Nancy Flanagan's article.