Sunday, September 1, 2019

ICYMI: Here's September Edition (9/1)

Here we go-- it's an actual new month after August (which always seems about 5 days long). Here are some things to read from this week. Share!

A College Reading List for the Post-Truth Era   

From Forbes, an interesting batch of books for our times.

The Struggle To Keep Teachers In Rural Schools   

Bonus points for USA Today for avoiding the framing of this as a shortage.

"It's Totally Worthless!" Why Everybody Hates Indiana's ILEARN.

The Indy Star takes a look at the giant money-wasting boondoggle that is the new Big Standardized Test.

How Much of Your Education Still Lives In You

I want to be Nancy Flanagan when I grow up. A really thoughtful about the long-term tracks of an education.

Is Reading First Making a Comeback

I so admire Nancy Bailey for getting her feet in the turbulent waters of the reading wars (I set my metaphor mixer to "stun"). If some of what's been circulating lately feels kind of familiar, here's some explanation.

Pennsylvania's Cyber Charters Stink Expensively, And Yet They Persist  

Okay, I condense the title a little, but Paul Muschick's piece in the Morning Call makes the point clearly.

California Top Secret Charter Documents

A jaw-dropping reveal of what California charters really have planned.

Public Rec Center Given To Private School

From Deadspin-- privatization with a sports twist. Make sure you read the writer's full disclosure at the end. Sad and hilarious.

The Obliteration of Local Control  

Accountabaloney looks at the Florida district that converted to 100% charter. It's not pretty (but it is lucrative).

What Kind of A-hole Ransoms School Data

A few years ago I reported on the business of hacking and ransoming school data. As Steven Singer reports, that trend has only accelerated, with tough consequences for districts around the country.

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  1. How Much of Your Education Still Lives In You?
    Reminds me of one of the great comic bits of all time: Father Guido Sarducci's "5 Minute University". Father Guido teaches you (in just 5 minutes) only the information you remember from your formal education. Here is his entire Geometry course: "A squared plus B squared equals C squared" If you need a good laugh before starting your new school year just YouTube it.