Sunday, March 3, 2019

ICYMI: In Like A Snow-Covered Lion Edition (3/3)

Things to read from this week. Keep sharing. Keep posting. Keep putting the word out there. And don't forget to keep an eye on the bloglist in the right hand column. The more you read, the more you know.

When Will We Stop Blaming Teachers

Another look at TNTP's Opportunity Myth-- one more attempt to explain that education problems are teachers' fault.

Why Did Indiana Teachers Leave the Classroom

A survey looks at why Indiana teachers left the classroom. Zero surprises here, but one m ore confirmation that teaching conditions have finally gotten that bad.

Thoughts on the Graduation Exam Mess in New Jersey

New Jersey is wrestling with using the PARCC as a grad exam, something it was not remotely designed for. Let Jersey Jazzman sort out the foolishness.

Elementary Principal Reads Books To Students on Facebook Live

If you need a little lift, read about this principal who puts on her pj's and reads a story over Facebook live every Tuesday night.

In Many Charter Schools, Graduation Odds Are Slim

Another item from the Department of Unsurprising Results. Someone crunched some numbers and discovered that an awful lot of charter students don't make it to charter graduation day.

Invisible Champions of Student Justice 

Wendy Lecker takes a look at how black teachers in Georgia were instrumental in the pursuit of desegregation. If you don't know Horace Tate's name, you should.  

Virtual Charter School With 91% Failure Rate    

This was a surprise-- a cyber charter school with even worse results than I imagined. 10,000 students went in- 851 stayed.

Skype A Scientist 

More good news. Someone came up with a program that uses Skype and scientists to combat misinformation.  

Last Night We Lay Down In The Streets

As Philadelphia transitions from state appointed commission to local school board, a battle is shaping up over whose local voices will be heard. It's citizens versus corporate once again.

Newsome Fast-Tracks Bill For Charter Standards        

It looks like California may finally subject its wild-growth charter sector to some actual accountability.

The Hook of Standardization    

From Ohio, an argument that "an educational system driven by standardized testing has run its course."

Choice Is a False Pretext For Draining Money From Public Schools  

From Florida, the Sun-Sentinal editorial board calls out DeSantis' choicey plans as theft from the public system.            

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