Sunday, March 10, 2019

ICYMI: Actually Nice Out Edition (3/10)

Here's an assortment of goodies to read from last week. I know I say this all the time, but it takes readers to make a piece of writing spread. So always share what you think needs to be shared. Everyone can amplify the important voices, and these days that is super-important.

Winning At Any Cost  

Arkansas gives prize money to its top schools. How far did the charter Haas Hall Academy go to stay on top? Too far, by quite a bit. This is a pretty appalling story.

Cybercharters Widespread Reports of Trouble

This is not exactly a new resource, but I discovered it for the first time this week and it deserves a bookmark. EdWeek has collected numerous reports, sorted state by state, of cybercharter problems.

People Who Regulate Charters Make Millions From Them

This time we go to Utah, where a television news department has discovered that lawmakers writing charter regulations also have a financial stake in the charter industry.

Diverting Funds From Public Schools Hurts The Community

An op-ed in the Palm Beach Post argues that Florida's choice programs are not good for public education.

Lies You Have Been Told About Education Technology

A good set of rebuttals for the "Oh, but you must" crowd.

Strange Things Happening in Newark

In Newark, the state is losing control of the local school system, leading to an assortment of odd other shenanigans. Bob Braun is covering it all.

Jonathan Sackler’s Bouncer Foundation: Opioid-Funded Ed Reform

The same family that brought us the opioid problem is also working on charters. The indispensable Mercedes Schneider has been working it all out, and she shows her work.

The Bible Bill

Oh, Florida. A new bill proposes Bible courses in every school. One teacher imagines how the course might not live up to its sponsor's hopes.

What Do Americans Think Schooling Is Supposed To Do?   

We could simplify this is you just promised to read Nancy Flanagan every week.

Arizona Charter Parents Have Nowhere To Turn  

What can you do when you have objections to how your child's charter school is run? Nothing at all.


  1. I so badly hope that Florida passes the Bible Bill. I want front row seats when all the good "Christians" get together to to decide how these classes are going to be presented. Well, maybe not front row, but at least immediately behind the HazMat team that's going to be identifying the body parts after the Catholics and the evangelicals and the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses and, and, and ... all finish tearing each other to shreds.

  2. "The four campuses of Haas Hall Academy currently hold the top four spots among Reward Schools in Arkansas, receiving a $96,601.32 bonus from Arkansas tax money for their success in 2018."

    Wow, all that for less than $100,000. That would be, what, two or three teacher salaries? Not that the money went to teachers, of course. The article says later that tens of thousands of dollars went to the Rose Law Firm (hmm, where have I heard that name before...?).

    Talk about 30 pieces of silver....