Sunday, July 8, 2018

ICYMI: Getting Read for Travel Edition (7/8)

We'll be flying off to visit family later this week, and there will probably not be an edition next weekend. But here's some things to read from this week. Remember to share.

How Education Philanthropy Can Accidentally Promote Groupthink

Rick Hess takes a look at how philanthropists silence dissent (even if they don't mean to, which is a generous interpretation, but this is still worth a look).

More States Opting To Robo-grade Essays By Computer

I responded to this over at Forbes this week, but this really stupid trend just won't die.

10 Tech Tools That Will Make You a Super Teacher

Ha. Not really. You might have sailed past this one because of the title, but take a look.

ISTE, Data Tracking, and the Myth of Personalized Learning

Michael Crowley went to ISTE and came back with a few things to complain about.

A Guide to the Corporations That Are Defunding Public Education and Opposing Striking Teachers

A handy guide to some of the major players.

FSC Researcher Documents Teachers Impact Not Standardized Test Results

Someone in Florida is trying to do the right thing. Intriguing project.

Coordinated Uniqueness Comes for the Minneapolis Public Schools

Also, a consultant named Cheesebrow. Nobody captures the absurdity of Minneapolis education like Sarah Lahm.

What the Sordid Saga of a Silicon Valley Start-Up Tells Us About #EdReform 

Have You Heard with Jennifer Berkshire and guest co-host John Warner takes a look at a giant tech start-up scam, and what it tells us about education disruptors.

Gates’s Blunders Destroy Teachers and Public Schools!

Many writers parsed out the Rand report showing that Bill Gates just wasted a ton of money, but Nancy Bailey's take is not to be missed.

Slow Down Before You Support Trump Ending Obama-Era School Guidance

Finally, here's Neal McClusky of the libertarian Cato Institute arguing in favor of affirmative action. Really.

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