Sunday, July 1, 2018

ICYM: Welcome July Edition (7/1)

July is here, coming in with flaming balls of fire. But there are still things to read, and here are some of them. Remember to share. You can be the person that amplifies someone's voice.

Bill Gates Failed Experiment

Wendy Lecker takes a look at the news that Gates failed to fix education yet again.

Retaining Baby Teachers      

A look at how -- and how not -- to hold on to those fresh new teachers.

Are Teachers Necessary?      

Steven Singer is not just asking a philosophical question. It's a practical concern of modern ed reform.

The Psalm of Mark Janus (The Freeloader)      

Deadbeat Poet revisits the 23rd Psalm.

iReady-- Great Marketing, Terrible Teaching        

A look at one of the many super-duper education flavored tech products out there.

ISTE, Google, and the Death of Ed Tech    

If you're only going to read one item, it should probably be this one. A look at how ed tech has marched boldly backwards into the Land of Uselessness.

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