Sunday, February 25, 2018

ICYMI: So Long February Edition (2/25)

You're suggested reading for the week. Remember to pass along what you think should be getting attention. Amplify!

Is Exclusion Education's Haiti?

This piece is from the UK and provides a slightly different perspective on the issue of making your school look good by managing just who gets to be a student there.

Gates Foundation Uable To Address Real Needs in Schools

Jan Ressenger takes a good hard look at the Gates annual letter.

Marjory Stoneman Students Give Legislators a Civics Lesson

There has been plenty of good writing about these students, but don't miss this one about the lessons to be learned by the Worst Legislature in America

There Is No Progressive Case for Charter Schools

The modern charter movement has long claimed a progressive element; Jeff Bryant explains why that case is hollow.

The Boys Are Not All Right

I never even liked Michael Ian Black when he was a comedian, but this piece about the problem of raising non-toxic men in our culture is pretty good stuff.

Skills Don't Matter

From Inside Higher Ed, a great dissection of the skills movement and micro-credentials.

The Misguided Drive to Measure Learning Outcomes

The same test-centered baloney that is polluting K-12 schools is arriving at the college level, and it doesn't look any better there.

Somebody Should Make a Movie about John Shuster and His Ragtag Team of Curling Rejects

Yeah, there's barely an education angle on this. I just happen to like curling, and this is a great story (particularly since it ended in a gold medal).

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