Sunday, April 3, 2016

ICYMI: This Week in Edubloggery

The blogging news of the week is actual twitter news-- the indispensable Mercedes Schneider is on twitter at last. Catch her at @deutsch29blog. Now for your reading...

The Weird Hypocrisy at the Heart of the Case Against Unions

At The Week, Jeff Spross looks at the peculiar attempt to redefine what qualifies as "political activity" in the Friedrichs case.

Campbell Brown: The New Leader of the Propaganda Arm of School Privatization

Kali Holloway takes a long, detailed look at just how thoroughly the forces of school privatization have lined up the media behind them. This is very complete and kind of discouraging, but if you only read one thing I recommend to you, read this.

Chicago Is Everytown USA

Daniel Katz takes a look at the Chicago strike and asks why it isn't happening in more cities-- and looks at just how bad things have gotten in some cities.

Proposed Pennsylvania School Code Is Massive Giveaway to Charter Schools

I was going to write about this, but tireless blogger Steven Singer already is on the case. Pennsylvania is just barely emerging from the mess that was our nine-month budget fiasco, and now here comes a revised school code that looks like a big fat Christmas party for PA charters (including our chronically sucky cyber charters).

Does Harlem Need Diddy or Educational Equity

Jose Luis Vilson reacts to the news that Diddy and Steve Perry are going to team up to fix education in Harlem.

10 Reading Instruction Non-Negotiables

Russ Walsh is an experienced reading instruction expert who has a gift for making education policies and programs comprehensible for regular civilians. This is a great example of Russ in action-- plain words about what a reading program has to have in place.

It's 2016 and PARCC Still Sucks 

Sarah Blaine with some plain language about opting out in 2016. Good luck, testing folks, in the week ahead.

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