Sunday, April 10, 2016

ICYMI: Selected Reading from the Interwebs

 Somehow the snow is piled up outside my door, so it seems like a good day to do some reading.

I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump

One of the better entries in the burgeoning "why the hell is this Trump thing happening" genre.

Stick a Fork in Common Core-- It's Done

From Joy Pullman at the Federalist, a rather feisty but very thorough case for the claim that Common Core is now toast. Don't always agree with Pullman's politics, but I have to respect the snark.

North Carolina: Seeming Rather Than Being

On the Baptist News Global site, a well-reasoned and thoughtful look at the big pile of Wrong that is North Carolina's LGBT law.

A Disturbing Trend in School Integration Programs

One more piece taking note that when it comes to integration, we have sailed off the rails and into the weeds.

High Stakes Testing Holds the Most Powerful the Least Accountable 

Steven Singer has repeatedly and eloquently made the point that test-driven accountability has actually narrowed the accountability focus and taken it away from some people who should be shouldering that burden.

Our Voices Were Heard, But They Were Ignored 

A Boston student guest posts at Edushyster and delivers some hard truth about the recent Boston student protests and the budget cuts that prompted them. 

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  1. Steven Singer's article is a MUST READ!

    The "scapegoating of teachers" is the perfect word choice to describe the abdication of responsibility by policy wonks, politicians, and so-called education thought leaders as they ignore their record of FAILURE. The test-based reform hypothesis has been disproved, yet they continue wading into the Big Muddy.

    Schools are not failing - it is the political and public will that has failed the public school system in America.