Sunday, February 11, 2018

ICYMI: The No Particular Edition Edition (2/11)

Time for the weekly round up of things to read, absorb and pass along. I always remind you to share what speaks to you, but I want to remind you to share some things with people outside of your usual assortment of public education fans. I never ceased to be amazed at how people outside the bubble have very little idea what's going on. Make it your goal to educate someone this week. Now here we go.

Co-opted Language

Not fresh this week, but I was reminded of this post recently-- a good quick guide to the language that is being appropriated by the fans of the digital privatized ed reformster camp.

This Teacher of the Year Just Showed Me How Important DACA Is

Just in case you needed more convincing.

Timmy's Cell Phone Plan (Adventures in Standardized Testing)

Yet another clear, concrete example of why, exactly, the Big Standardized Test sucks.

Teacher Response to Cheating Scandal

A FOIA request gets us a look at what the cheating scandal at prestigious Watchung Hills Regional High School looks like from the inside. (Spoiler alert: It looks like teachers being hung out to dry by administration)

Families for Excellent Schools Collapse

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider wrote two pieces this week on the occasion of the FES demise. This piece and this piece remind us just how awful they were (the "families" were 40 individuals).

One Year In: Reflections on the DeVos Agenda

The Have You Heard podcast takes a look back the first year of the DeVosian era. I'm not much of a fan of arbitrary anniversary retrospectives, but this is worth our while.

Is No Excuses Narrowing the Curriculum

This fourth entry in Jersey Jazzman's series on Newark schools is, as always, filled with hard data made clear and accessible and a little depressing. Take a look.

Video: Personalized Learning’s Plan to Replace Teachers?

Travel back to a 2011 Tom Vander Ark speech extolling a glorious future when staffs are cut and computers are the school. There's more than a video here-- lots of explanation and sources.

What Is "Quality" Curriculum?

Nancy Flanagan on Bill Gates' latest silver bullet to fix education.

Denver Schools Are a Dystopian Nightmare

Thomas Ultican with a well-sourced explanation of how Denver (and many other) school district went at wrong.

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