Sunday, January 14, 2018

ICYMI: End of Semester Edition (1/14)

We're on to the end of the grading period in my neighborhood, which means I've been spending more time grading papers and less time reading stuff. But I still have a few nuggets for you this week. Remember-- only you can amplify the voices that you think should be heard.

School Segregation Gerrymander Map

The same principles that go into political gerrymandering can be harnessed to segregate (or desegregate) schools. Here's how it works.

Wall Street's New Way of Making Money from Public Education

Folks have been talking about social impact bonds for a while now (yours truly included) but this piece from Valerie Strauss makes this financial legerdemain more understandable for the layperson.

Betsy DeVos harms Higher Ed More Than K12

Surprise. We were all worried about what DeVos would do to K-12 education, but she's been far more destructive for the higher ed world.

Calling Vouchers Sinful

A Baptist preacher in Texas is really annoying the GOP pro-voucher politicians there.

Robert Pondiscio asks a valid question -- are we painting a picture for our children of a terrifying world?

Courtesy of Blue Cereal education, some edu-bingo cards you can use to pass the time at your next education-flavored meeting.

Nancy Flanagan asks some important questions about who gets to be labeled "gifted" 

Jersey Jazzman, again, looks at what journalists get wrong about education

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