Sunday, January 28, 2018

ICYMI: Goodbye, January Edition (1/28)

As we bid January goodbye, here are some readings for the day. Remember-- you can promote the voices you value by sharing their work. Not everyone has time to write, but if you have time to read, you have time to hit a share button. Amplify the voices that matter.

Does Social and Emotional Learning Belong in the Classroom?

I don't generally put my own stuff on this list, but this particular post has been spreading and stirring up conversation, and I actually put extra thought into it, because I think this is emerging as a critical issue in education. So if you didn't get around to it, now's the time. 

The Tuscon Jacakalope

The story of how a district's rumored blacklist was finally dragged into the light.

Mismatched Assumptions

Julian Vasquez-Heilig on how some assumptions about grit and high stakes testing don't really fit together.

Paul Vallas Wants to Be Mayor of Chicago, Maybe

The indispensable Mercedes Schneider looks at the news about Paul Vallas running for mayor of Chicago (maybe) and reminds us why that's not good news.

Why We Chose Public School

Jan Ressenger talks about how her family made the decision to choose public schools

Meanwhile, In Puerto Rico

EdWeek reports on the latest plans for the education system on the beleagured island. Spoiler alert: it's not good.

The Amazing Power of Plain Old Arts Education

Nancy Flanagan with a reminder of the power of arts and music for students.

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