Sunday, December 3, 2017

ICYMI: Hello, December Edition (12/3)

Is this your first time here? Here's a collection of worthwhile reads from last week-- not all of the, but some of them. Give them a read and remember-- writers get read when you pass them on!

The FLCRC Seems Hell Bent on Privatizing Public Education

Florida does this weird thing with their constitution every several years. It's about time for it to happen again, and it doesn't look good for public education.

I Am the Teacher South Carolina Wants To Retain, and I Am Barely Hanging On

One more state having trouble holding on to teachers; one of them wrote a newspaper editorial to explain why

What Really Happened at the School Where Every Senior Got into College

Yet one more example of how miracle schools don't exist, and if sounds too good to be true, it is.

No We Didn't Sign Up for This

If this is a hair whiny for your tastes, I feel you. But it's a good listing of many ways the profession has changed in a short time.

How To Avoid Writing Like an Academic

For those of us who teach writing, a cool little set of instructions.

We Don't Need No Education

The editorial board at Metro Times takes Michigan's anti-public-ed GOP to task.

Bias in VAMS

There's another VAM lawsuit going on (this one in New Mexico) and Audrey Amrein Beardsley is there. In addition to an update, she offers some expert opinion from Michael T Kane.

A Punishing Decade for School Funding

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities looks at how school funding has been doing since the crash of 2008. Come for the chart, stay for the analysis.

Are Schools Responsible for Teaching Boys To Respect Girls?

It's the issue of the month, and Nancy Flanagan has something thoughtful to say about it. If you don't save your EdWeek reads to follow her, you should.

Top Ed Tech Trends Fake News

Finally, your long read of the week, but well worth it, putting fake news in the context of our country as a whole and ed tech baloney in particular. From Audrey Watters.

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