Sunday, December 17, 2017

ICYMI: Baby Hangover Edition (12/17)

Baby hangover is what you get when you go to a friends' Christmas party and stay out till 12:30, but your babies still follow their late-night feeding routine. I take no responsibility for any typos this morning.

How the Concept of Effectiveness Has Screwed Nonprofits and the People We Serve

Not about education, except that it's totally about education. How certain business tools of measurement pervert the central mission.

Plain Talk and School Reform

Rick Hess is reformy through and through, but he's always been willing to call out his colleagues when they screw up. This piece would have been welcome about 5-10 years ago, but you'll still agree with chunks of it now, particularly on the subject of who reformsters should be listening to.

Are Private Schools Immoral?

Or, if white progressives actually behaved as if they really believed their rhetoric about diversity and integration, would we still have a segregation problem?

Propoganda Behind Personalized Learning Chomsky and Herman's filters to looking at the74. Less homework-like than it sounds.

Some Arizona Charter Schools Unlawfully Exclude and Deter Students

Yet another piece of evidence that charters do, in fact, cream, skim, and otherwise serve only the students they want to serve.

The Other Tech Bubble

I prefer the other title this piece appears under-- "Silicon Valley Techies Still Think They're the Good Guys. They're Not." This Wired piece doesn't address education directly, but its portrayal of Silicon Valley guys as entitled, arrogant jerks in a toxic culture will be recognizable to everyone who deals with edtech wizards.

Education Reform in Newark-- Facts

Mark Weber (Jersey Jazzman) and Bruce Baker (School Finance 101) have been crunching the Newark numbers, just in case the narrative of reformy triumph is not entirely accurate.Good thing, too.

Why We Need Hygge Classrooms in America

The meme has been all over, so Nancy Flanagan did some research.

Florida CRC One More Step Toward Centralization

Florida does this weird thing where they get out their constitution every so often and fiddle with it. As is often the case in Florida, we can see some examples of how privatizers grab power.

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  1. I found especially interesting the articles on "effectiveness" in non-profits and on Silicon Valley.