Sunday, July 30, 2017

ICYMI: End of July Edition (7/30)

How the heck did that happen? Here's some reading from the week-- and remember, you can amplify the voices of your favorite writers just be tweeting and sharing. So, you know, do that.

Internalizing the Myth of Meritocracy

Another hard-hitting Anderson piece in the Atlantic, looking at how the myth of meritocracy becomes damaging to children of color. Because if I believe that the system is fair and rewards excellence, and I'm not being rewarded, I can only conclude one thing...

Demolishing the Myth of the Grumpy Crusty Veteran

It's true-- veteran teachers might not suck.

The Brave New Word

Somehow I dropped this piece from June, but better late than never. The word is "personalization" and the blog explains why that word is probably bunk.

The Alum-lie

Gary Rubinstein crunches some numbers and uncovers the lies charters tell about their college completion rates.

For Deeper Teacher Learning, Follow the Leader

Now that research has identified seven main qualities of effective professional development, all we have to do is design sessions that include all seven qualities, right? Wrong.

The Charter Effect

While this is specific to Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, it's a very detailed and well-researched look at how charters make enemies as they suck public schools dry.

I Quit

Jennifer Berkshire does some podcasting on her own while her partner is of continent, and this is a powerful look at the growing phenomenon of teachers who quit and what they say on their way out the door.

NJ Charter School Follieshttp: Asbury Park and Patterson Edition

Jersey Jazzman takes a look under the hood to see what's wrong with NJ's charter authorization system.

Why Schools Should Be Wary of Free Ed Tech Products and Start-ups Shouldn't Make Them

Why free ed tech stuff is bad news for everyone-- from Forbes.


  1. There's no such thing as free Ed Tech, as any good right-winger would know. One of the cafes on the University of Chicago campus is even called TANSTAAFL to remind us of this. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

  2. Incidentally, the myth of meritocracy does not just damage children of color. It damages anyone who buys into it, including those who benefit from it. It's just a lot harder to get people to see that.