Sunday, May 22, 2016

ICYMI: May Winds Down

Boy, it is hard to find the time to read it all. Here are a few choice samples from the week

We Must Not Be Defeated

Jose Luis Vilson reflects on where we stand on the anniversary of Brown v. Board, with a particular eye toward what we can do in the classroom. I can't really do this justice in a capsule-- just read it.

Chris Christie Loves Segregated Schools

If you are not a regular reader of Mark Weber's Jersey Jazzman blog, you should be. His gift is for making a case with actual data. Here's his explanation of what Christie is really supporting when the gov gets out his charter school pom poms.

Great Reading Must Be Felt, Not Standardized

Steven Singer makes the case for the realm experience of literature in the classroom

Are Grades Destroying My Six Year Old Kid

William Ferriter talks about watching the real impact of policies on his own child. Time to talk about how we measure student progress.

Four Things Worse Than Not Learning To Read in Kindergarten 

Makes a nice companion piece to the previous post.

Stars Reflect on Arts Programs That Shaped Their Success

There's now a Tony for arts education. Here Playbill talks to several successful theater folks about the arts education that helped them get where they are today.

What Is a Community School 

Sarah Lahm takes a look at the definition of a community school.

Being Black at America's Elite Public High Schools

If you remember how things were going in Boston during the contentious days of busing in the seventies, this article may not shock or surprise you. But This is still worth a read-- a good, solid look at how racism is still alive and kicking at even the top tier of US public high schools. Discouraging, but necessary.

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