Sunday, May 1, 2016

ICYMI: Here Come May Flowers

Let's kick off the month of May in fine reading style.

Peter Gray once again shows up at Psychology Today advocating for small children. Here's another reminder for grown-ups to take a deep breath and back the heck up.

From the News & Observer, a call for NC to get its act together.

Who's Behind the High Achievement New York Curtain?

A breakdown of who pulls the strings for just one well-connected reformster group in NY

Not, strictly speaking, about education. But you will recognize some of the staffing issues here.

One Neighborhood School's Struggle in the Era of "Choice"

Sara Lahm, one of the Progressive Education Fellows, presents an up-close-and-personal look at how one community school found itself targeted by charters.

Exposed-- KIPP Efforts to Keep the Public in the Dark

The Center for Media and Democracy takes a painfully detailed look at how KIPP schools have avoided accountability, even as they have enthusiastically gone after stacks and stacks and stacks of that sweet taxpayer cash.

Holding Back To Get Ahead

Jennifer Berkshire calls this one of her most important interviews ever, and I can see why. Researcher Joanne Golann was embedded in a strict charter school, and she has the scholarly substance for what we've always known-- that training children, particularly non-wealthy non-white ones, in a no-excuses high-compliance environment develops in  them exactly the wrong qualities needed to succeed.

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